Tea Talk – Wonderbox

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Tea Talk Wonderbox contains everything you need for an extended tea gossip: Tea by Téi vum Séi, honey by Miseler Bei, a scented candle by Deeva Candles and pralines by Genaveh. All made in Luxembourg.


In addition, our guide “Let’s tea-talk – A loose guide to get to know eachother” will explain in detail how to start a smooth conversation by answering a few questions such as “What was your last bad buy?” or “What is your biggest knowledge gap?”.


So grab an old buddy you haven’t seen for a while, or your new workmate or any other person you like to spend time with. And let the talk begin!


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Ingredients: nettle, green oats, blackberry leaves, lemons grass, sunflower blossoms, rose blowers
Producer: Téi vum séi, Schleif
Content: 50g
Made in Luxembourg


Miseler Bei are bee keepers from the Moselle region. In respect of the nature, they collect fine Luxembourgish honey in order to offer full flavored creamy products.
Producer: Miseler Bei
Content: 300g
Made in Luxembourg

Fingers Pralinés

Sesame praline, puff pastry praline, pistachio praline.
Producer: Chocolaterie Genaveh, Steinfort
Content: 120g
Made in Luxembourg

Pure Jade - Scented Candle

Pure Jade with its exotic Oudh scent will transport you to the magical forests of China. Vegan & ayurvedic soy wax. Soot free, phthalates freeparaffin free, cmr free.
Producer: Deeva Candles, Goetzingen
Content: 250g
Made in Luxembourg

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